Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Q/A: Acne Scars

Q: How do you get rid of acne scarring

A: I haven't personally experienced acne scarring because of the skincare routine I am currently on. I think thats key to keeping perfect skin is to find that routine that is not too harsh for your skin but also protects from the damage that makeup can do. It took me a while to figure out what brands of skincare was good for my skin and it may take you a while too but it's well worth it in the end. The closest to scarring from acne for me was discoloration from pimple popping = lol sounds gross but true. Oh and your not supposed to pop pimples cause it makes the problem worse but I dont care I do what I want! lol I heard it takes like a 1-3 months for discoloration to correct itself I could be wrong though I remember I read it somwhere. I get pretty tan in the summer so the discoloring isn't much off. I usually try to treat the pimple before it comes by using my Clean and Clear Advantage spot treatment, it works pretty well. My sister does suffer from discoloration from acne because she is very fair and has freckles so I believe she has been using a brightening cream from Shiseido. It lightens the scarring and evens out the skin. If your a dark skin girl I think you can use it too but I would ask the Sales associate first if its ok.

Here is a link to Sheiseido's White Lucent Brightening line

If acne scarring is severe :

Here is a link to different methods of treatments


  1. yea i think long hair is so nice - like an accessory for us girls lol - and my bangs are too thinned out - as u can see by the "spacing" - i was used to full bangs - anyways people usually tell me they have problems with side bangs too, the trick is to part them when they are soaking wet, so basically right out of the shower. ooh and for acne scarring, a popular affordable treatment is bio-oil, although i don't know how effective it actually is

  2. Lol I always heard of the name Bio-oil but I always thought it was for the hair so I never read in to it because my hair was oily enough. But I just googled it and now I see the real purpose of it. Ha thanks I may have to try it. Oh and for the bangs I've tried that and I'll still get like a cow lick in the middle of the day so I just grew out my bangs and parted it in a wierd ass zig zag lol.

  3. Thanks for this post, I have mild acne scarring and I cannot leave the house without foundation and concealer!!

    Your skin looks flawless :)

    I'm going to follow your blogger

  4. I find that exflioating the skin helps and a bit of vitamin e oil too. If you just popped a pimple, drain it as much as possible, put a cream over it to dry it out. The scab/scar bit should be a patchy dried out piece and it may just fall off (or just peel it off if it's ready) The skin underneath may be a little pink but yeah that's where exflioating comes in. I don't know how well that works with larger acne like cysts tho. D: