Saturday, September 26, 2009

Zombieland Premiere!

Wednesday was a very unexpected day for me. Well first I went to makeup class and after class me and my friend checked out the zombieland premiere. This was our first time going to a premiere so we weren't really expecting much except pushing, shoving and waiting. When were got there a security was recruiting people to be zombies for the premiere. All you had to do was get your face painted by their makeup artist (who weren't very good) and stand behind the wall near the "black" carpet. I was so up for it and so was my friend so I was what the heck it gets us closer to the stars. Then they announced to us that because we helped them we get to watch the premiere with the stars. I was so speechless. It was the most amazing experiece ever. I thought the stars would be sectioned off in the theatre but know they roam around and practically are sitting with us. There are a lot more photos but I was too lazy to upload all.

The professional zombies that were brought in to walk the carpet.

Us before being zombies
I'm not going to say what school these makeup artist came from but they could've done a better job in 5 mins. Plus I got fake blood under my contact.

Rob Dyrdek: He's just as funny as he is in his show

Stars from my absolute favorite show Dexter!

Me and C.S Lee aka Matsuka!

Emma Stone
Amber Heard: She's so pretty

Inside the Chinese theatre

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

FOTD: Smoked out!

Jesses Girl e.s/ Mardi Gras
Black e.s
MAC. Pink Nouveau

Don't Mind my Hair I didn't straigten it lol

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lip Tars: Anime, Katricia, Feathered

Occ Lip Tars : Katricia, Feathered and Anime

Don't Pay attention to the really bad lip lining job

My favorite has to be Anime of course. I wore it out once with no eyeshadow just really big lashes and my sister pretty much said I looked like a hooker but oh well lol I love it!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

MUFE HD Elixir

So I've heard all about this product when it first came out and I initally thought it was for people with dry skin but nope its perfect for everyone! It claims to hydrate and brighten the skin and it does just that. I'm an oily skin girl so anything that says hydrates I don't even bother with because at the end of the day I'll have enough oil to fry chicken (ok I kid, but you get the picture). I got a sample of this at sephora so I said what the heck I'll try it. My face looked crazy flawless. It didn't make me anymore oily than I already am so it's a keeper. I used the elixir in class on my classmates and it looked AMAZING on them. For perfect looking skin I suggest using your moisturizer first then the HD Elixir and finally your Primer. It's best to apply this product with your hands or a synthetic brush. It is pricey so get a sample at your local sephora and try it out, it'll last you a while.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

MAC and Bobbi Brown swatches

All this I bought at the cosmetics outlet. You know I love to shop there =)
Align Center

Bobbi Brown Blush Creme
Perfect stick for contouring. Just swipe it under the cheekbones and blend (that is if you have have a round face, if you already have nice high cheekbones..LUCKY!!)

MAC Pink Nouveau
This is my new go to color. Yeah its pretty bright but its time for a change.

MAC Virgin Isle Creme Blush
This color is so pigmented you literally only need a tad bit. This is going to last me forever!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Before:After ...Brownie love

Client: Maggie (the sister)
Hair and makeup by me.
I did a light brown smokey since it was just a dinner out with some friends. This was definitely rushed. I had 30 mins to do hair and makeup. She was very happy and that was all that mattered =)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shanghai Goodies!

My sister went to Shanghai with a friend and brought back a whole lot of goodies that I wasn't really expecting. This is just my batch she has another batch for her and for friends.
Mini OPI nailpolish
You see them here in the states but they come in packs of colors that are already set. She actually got to pick these herself. I have to say though they don't compare to the normal sized ones. The brush causes lot of streaks.
Everyone knows I have an obsession with green tea products and these green tea Pockys were my FAVV. The Green tea Halls were a little wierd to me but I'd still eat it =)

This is comparable to fix +. A little bit more refreshing
And this is where we hit the mother load. I wore the dramatic lashes and I LOVED THEM. $16 for both boxes you can't beat that price.
Makeup School Update: I've been in school for a month and I've learned a lot. I'm definitely going broke buying tons of makeup. I think it's time to do a FOTD dontcha think. Oh and I enrolled in hair class so I can do updos for weddings and such.