Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pigments only!

Ok so I submitted this for SephoraJunkies makeup contest on Youtube.. so I decided why not make this as my first post! yay! The rules were to only use pigments for this look.

MAC Pigments used
-Nocturnal Plum Pigment
-Melon pigment

First I primed with Urban Decay Primer Potion then I patted Melon pigment with a flat shader brush on the middle of my eye leaving the inner third and outter third bare.

Then I put the Nocturnal Plum in the inner third of my eye
slightly blending it towards the melon and also using a flat shader brush that bought from Michaels. Maxine mop 3/4 i think.

I then put the Nocturnal plum on the outer third of my eye blending it in towards the Melon and over

Now its all about blending. Blend around the Nocturnal Plum to soften up the lines. I used the MAC 217 for this job. I also put alittle bit of the Nocturnal Plum on the brush and tapped it on the outer part of my eye to add depth. As you can see the Melon just pops!

Now for the undereye area. With a pencil brush I lined it with the Nocturnal Plum on the outer under eye area connecting it with the outer above portion or my eye. Makes sense? lol if not I'm glad I have pictures. Line the inner part of the eye with Melon pigment of course what other colors are there?!

Ok so now for the big BAM! Line upper and bottom lid with black eye liner I used Loreal HIP cream I liner. Then I added some falsies the Ardell 101 Demis.

And the results....


  1. This is so easy to do and look so beautiful! congratulations and this one looks wonderufl on you! =) Greetings from Mexico!

  2. omg you look so pretty. Love the look..