Saturday, January 30, 2010

Makeup Forever Seminar at Nigels and My first LUSH product!

Yesterday I attended the Makeup Forever student Seminar held at Nigels and was instructed by Kevin James Bennett. I learned sooo muchhh!! Mostly about the world of HD. As much as I love MUFE I always thought there are other products I could use that are cheaper and can do the same thing. I was totally wrong Makeup Forever products are specially formulated and you are definitely getting what you pay for. For example lets say the Smokey Lash waterproof mascara. I can get water proof mascara anywhere and as we all know wearing water proof mascara everyday isn't really good for your lashes, well the Smokey Lash is formulated so you can wear it every day and it won't ruin your lashes. It also is the blackest of the blackest mascaras out there. Dior show is the blackest of black mascaras on the market and Mufes Smokey Lash was made in the Dior factory or someting like that lol. I love Make up forever so much I just might have to save up for the whole makeup line.

I always said I'd never fall on the Lush bandwagon but I went in there and saw a heart shaped glittered soap bar. I do like there bath bombs and fizzes and all but my bath tub isn't big and I wouldn't feel comfortable laying in it. Only if I was back home in florida with the jacuzzi =*(

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm going back on Youtube..

I totally made a new video on my new digi cam because it records HD videos but my Windows movie maker won't let me edit it because it's not compatible with HD videos. It says it's missing a CodeC????? If anyone has come across this please help me because I would love to use this camera if not I'll just have to go back to my old one.

I definitely don't know what videos to do anyways so please leave a comment for any request on certain looks, nail tutorials, update on any of my daily routines, whateverrr.

In the mean time I I'll show you some of the projects I've done in class

The project was to do a makeup design for a computer company. The makeup should be futuristic like or it should be based on computers.

For this project we had to make a makeup design based on a sorceress. I made the lashes by curling single hairs of feathers and gluing them the shaft of the lashes.