Friday, May 1, 2009

On the Road Again! duh duh duh duh On the Road Again!!

Outline: Me talking alot of nonsense!!

The makeup school I applied to called me the other day and I am ACCEPTED! which means I will be hitting the road and driving my car from Florida to Cali in July. Super duper excited but then kind of scared because it's such a big change for me. My sisters live out there so I know I won't feel completely lonely. I think I'm more excited about the roadtrip, driving across the country sounds so cool lol. My plans are to drive to Houston then stay there for a couple days and then my ex/boyfriend what ever you wanna call him haha will be driving the rest of the way with me. Through out the trip I'll be stopping at various places to site see or dine so if anyone knows places I should check out along the way feel free to leave a comment. (san antonio, el paso, new mexico, arizona)


  1. omg congratulations! i hope you enjoy it! i plan to go to makeup school too but i gotta finish up at university first =(

  2. ohhh CONGRATS!! That is so exciting. And road trip in the summer is going to be beautiful :D

  3. Congratulations. It's my dream to take makeup artistry (don't know when I can do that). Can you add email subscription to the blog, so I can get email updates about your journey at the schoo. Thanks