Monday, April 27, 2009

French Nails

Are they real or acrylic????

NEITHER! they're press ons. I have never tried press ons before and I am quite impressed. The first two nails I did got some airbubbles but then I figured you had to put alot of glue on and make sure u press hard. It comes with 24 Nails in 10 different sizes, Pink gel glue, Wooden cuticle pusher, and a mini nail filer. I got mine at CVS for approx. 6.50 (well I actually had 5 dollar extra bucks so I got it for a little over 1.00) I also went to Target and saw them for 5.99 so I bet Walmart is much cheaper. I'm going to check out Sally's and see if they have like a kit which they probably do of course and check out their quality. I'm so exciting about these, no more 30 dollar plus tip for acrylic nails. Oh! and 2 week fills for 10 dollars geeze! Press ons are a life saver for addicts.


  1. very helpful thanks so much those are super cute!!

  2. I think its great stating your opinion but I found a pack of good quality 200 nails for $7.90 ! Its not french and its plain but I just paint them french xxx