Monday, April 6, 2009

MAC Rose Romance Collection

(Pictures available from
There are a lot of upcoming Mac collections coming out but none are really standing out to me. The only one I may get a few items from is as you can tell the Rose Romance collection which is launching April 23. I'm going to have to actually see it in person to see if any of the products are worth buying. I'm really liking the Beauty Powders with the embossed rose, it looks very classy =). The lipsticks look very neautral and wearable on an everyday basis also. Oh and I have to test the Fix+ with rose. Hopefully the rose scent is not overpowering. Also just to let you know, I've been saving money for Mac when I do get a student discount in August I believe. So be ready for massive hauls. Right now I'll be doing some reviews and swatches on products I already have. I promised my self I can't buy any MAC products (until discount) unless it is limited edition and I absolutely just have to have it. Being a student with no job kind of limits the amount of makeup I can buy.

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