Sunday, June 28, 2009

What's In My Purse Vlog

Quick Question does anybody know how to allow your photo to be seen next to your post on the dashboard. I'm following my self and none of my pictures in any of my post are shown next to my post on the dashboard. Its just boring text =(

What's Your Everyday Look?

Sometimes I'm in a hurry to go somewhere and I don't have time to think of a look to match my outfit so there is one look I do all the time when im in a hurry and I call it my "Everyday Smokey" Do you have an everyday look that you do? Post it on your blog!

Lid--MAC Blanc type and Bamboo mixed
Crease--a dark matte brown color
With a smaller blending brush Crease--Carbon
Above Crease--texture
Above that --a shimmer white
Engraved black liner
High Tea l/s
Mimmy lipglass

Thursday, June 25, 2009

EOTD: Mutiny, Plumage, Sketch, Blanc Type

Ok so I know this isn't one of my best I've been having a very stressful week with family issues and relationship issues so I've not been able to do any looks. I whipped this up in like 10 mins so I kno it isn't great but I felt like I needed to blog more.
MAC Select Tint nc40
MAC matte (under eyes)
Benefit Erase Paste /medium
MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer nw25
Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder /for undereyes
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish/ Medium dark
Too Faced matte soleil choclate bronzer/ contour
MAC Peaches blush
MAC Rollickin paintpot
MAC Mutiny Pigment - wet
MAC Plumage - Crease
MAC Sketch - blended over crease
MAC Blanc Type - highlight
MAC Light as Air powerpoint pencil- undereye
MAC Engrave powerpoint pencil - liner
Bare Escentuals - Peony

Monday, June 22, 2009

Promises I Can't Keep

The time is alsmost here for me to leave and move to the big city. Get ready for some massive hauls during July/August!! Being a makeup student means a lot of supplies. I've made a list of things I absolutely need for school and well, it added up to be $500. Thats not including like eye shadows and blushes and different colors. Thats pretty much just applicators like face brushes and eye brushes and kit accessories. Oh and I also added discounts cause my sister said she could get me 40% of MAC. Right now Im just so worried about money, you hear the saying "money isn't everything" Heck yes! money is everything. You can't get shit without money! My goal over there is to work my ass off (get that paper), move to Houston in a year, get my Bachelors degree and pay tuition that is 60,000 dollars. That is a ridiculous amount of money and I will never be able to get that amount in a year but I will do what I can. My Boyfriend in houston is so f-in torn that im moving. I've told him that after highschool I'll move to houston, then after my 2 years in college I'll move to houston, now I promised him after makeup school I'll move there. He's really questioning if we're ever going to be together but I can't blame him I've made too many promises I couldn't keep. I'm going to have to whip up some kind of miracle to get $60,000. I'm think of selling my clothes on here that I don't wear. Some clothes still have tags on them and then theres some clothes I ordered on line but didn't fit right and I never returned cause I was too lazy. I just get confused on the whole payment part and I heard paypal won't let you sell things through them no more or something I don't get it. but when I do get it haha I'll put some pictures up and see what kind of responses I get =) I'll call it
Amanda's Goodies
Help her go to college

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Experience with Bare Minerals

Back in highschool my everyday makeup routine consists of bareminerals and black eyeliner with Mac Refined bronzer as a blush. That was what I wore everyday because I really didn't know anything about makeup, I just knew I liked wearing it. I didn't really take a lot of pictures back then but one day I did and I saw how ghostly my face looked. I took a picture with flash and you can definitely see the difference between my face and my neck. I also took another picture that day with no flash. I look normal, you don't see a line or anything. Since Bare Minerals has a great amount of SPF in it, it definitely gives your face a ghostly affect with flash. That is with any SPF products. The thing is I wore Mineral veil over the Bare Minerals foundation which definitely altered the look also in flash pictures. It makes you paler than you really are because it has corn starch in it. Ever since I saw this picture I stopped wearing Bare minerals Foundation. It's not a bad product it's just I like products that are camera friendly. The Mineral Veil on the other hand I would never use. There are other setting powders out there that do a better job.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Some pictures of my 2 week vacay

Ok So I know there are not a lot of pictures and not much scenery. I blame always being cranky because there was no air conditioning in his car, damn ghetto bf. So I never wanted to take pictures or I just forgot

^^^These pictures were in houston

These pictures are from the beach back home. I flew to Houston and then I drove with the bf and his cousins back to Florida. I took this picture of them playing volley ball.
The Bf and his cuzzo in the water. I love the how nice the water looks in this pic.
All the girls tanning. That's what we do best. I think I've gotten way too much sun though =/

Monday, June 15, 2009

Review: Benefit Erase Paste

Erase Paste in medium
Cost: $26
I'm back yay!! So I got a lot of request on sharing my thoughts of my Benefit Erase Paste and here it is. I did a great deal of research before I bought this product. There was many mixed reviews on this product either they hated it or it was O.k and there was one or two "I love this product". After I saw how many people hated it I still bought it anyways lol, and I say I fall into the "Its O.K but I'm still going to use it because it kind of works" category. It's a little thick and very creamy. I use this under my Studio Sculpt NW 25 Concealer to help with my dark circles. The way I apply it is I put a good amount below my dark circles with a concealer brush then dampen a sponge and start blending it upwards. The coverage is slightly full but not completely. I have some pretty dark circle so someone with minor circles would like this product more I believe. Also keep in mind the color of these are pinky peachy colors so treat it as a corrector not a concealer. After I have applied my concealer over my erase paste I set it with a translucent powder. So all in all this is a pretty good product for me. I'm not dissapointed but I don't think I'll be buying it again. If you ever read my other reviews and post I love to try knew products so I may try Laura Merciers conceal camoflauge or bobbi browns corrector. To see how I apply my everyday face routine click here

Monday, June 8, 2009

Past.. Present.. Future

Oh guys it has been a long time. I'm still on vacation right now and I have a little time to update you guys on whats going on. I haven't been taking a lot of pictures lately because I'll forget and put my camera at the house or something. =( Something interesting is that I actually went to a psychic for the first time yesterday. I went in expecting really nothing. I was waiting for her to bullshit away but she was pretty accurate on everything she said it freaked me out. So I sit down and she tells me to shuffle the tarot cards and while I do that she's reading my 'energy'. I'm still shuffling and then she said two guys are in love with me, one that lives near me and one that lives a far. My eyes were getting so watery omg lol. I knew exactly what she was talking about which was scary. But she then said the guy from a far is my soulmate and the guy near me will be very heartbroken because I didn't choose him. Which I am ok with because I am never liked him anyways just as a friend. Pretty much all the tarot cards were about my bf and how he's so in love with me and I'm like come on get to the juicy stuff haha. Then she said I have a lot of plans before I can truly be with him and then she asked me why am I making him wait so long. And of course that's true since I'll be moving to Cali and be doing my makeup thing before I can move to Houston to be with him. hmm and Oh geeze she said she is truly afraid for me because if I'm not careful I will have a baby soon. She begged me to wear protection lol and when he went in she begged him to be careful too lol and she didn't know we were together because I told him not to touch me or act like hes my bf. I will end up with about 4 children which I have no idea how my body can take that =/ ahha ok until next time.. Bye guys

--- Amanda

Monday, June 1, 2009

Missing Blogger

A little story about us
Hey guys! I may not be blogging as often because I'll be on vacation visiting my boyfriend for a little over a week. I've been together with him ever since I was 15 and we've always had a long distance relationship which some think is crazy as hell. So this is how we met. My best friend lives down the street from me and she said her cousins were in town and I was like ok well I want to come over and meet them. So I went over to her house and saw this guy (bf) and thought "ooohh this guys hot." So I started talking online with him and we just hit it off BUT he had a girlfriend! Yes and I didn't know he had one and he was pretty much playing both of us. So I was like F that get away haha. Well of course he came down the next summer and I couldn't resist my self. I made him cheat on his girlfriend! lol (we just kissed you nasty minds) and in the end he chose me over his girlfriend of 1 year. It still makes me giggle little today =) Oh and she found out about me in the middle of their relationship and I was like what BIAAA. It blows my mind that he chose a girl in a totally different state (ME!). So yeah this long distance crap sucks I haven't seen him since Thanks giving but it's fun to get those tingles when you get off the plane, got to keep that fire burning in your relationship you know hehe. I do plan on moving to Houston in two years maybe I have to take care of my passion for makeup first and move to California and get the right schooling ya know what I mean. So yeah if you read all of this your awesome. If you didn't your awesome too.
p.s I'll try to post pictures of me out and about while I'm there hopefully

Q&A: Prom look

Q::Hii amanda, my prom is in a month so i wanted to practice so makeup dress is greenish/yellowish/goldish. So i was wondering if you could make a look for this colours? x Thank You and if you can, can you post some nice prom hairstyles?

As I thought about what I was going to do, I thought why not go the neutral route but with a little umph with a smoked out brown liner. I was going to do a look with the colors on your dress but I don't think you want to be so matchy matchy. I think the best thing is to have a nice glowy bronzed face that just brings out the dress.

A picture of some of the important products, I didn't take a picture of all of the products I used.
Clean and clear Advantage moisturizer
Smashbox light primer
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation NC40
MAC Matte (under eyes)
Benefit Erase Paste Medium
MAC Studip Sculpt Concealer NW25
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural/ Medium dark
Ben Nye Neutral set powder/ under the eyes and the t-zone
Too Faced Matte Soleil Bronzer/ Contoured cheeks and warmed up the face
MAC Peaches blush
Lancome nutmeg or Rice paper or any champagne shimmer on lid
Lancome Lezard or dark brown smoked out liner making it in to a wedge on outer part of lid
Lancome honeymoon as highlight or any subtle white shimmer
MAC engraved liner on tightline and water line
Ardell 109 lashes or you can go alittle bit more dramatic
MAC Shy girl

As you already know you can google prom hairstyles (thats what I did) but I picked out the ones I liked the most. I didn't know how long your hair was so Ichose ones with different hair lengths. I think if your showing a lot of neck and cleavage then hair down. If your dress is showing a little then hair up. Just my opinion though. My hairstyle I had was all over loose curls with side bangs straight and then teased at the crown. The hairstyle I did for my friend I teased around her crown first then did loose curls and brought all her hair to one side and pinned the back so it would stay. Click the Prom label to see it.
Hope you have a lovely prom experience =)