Friday, December 11, 2009

Save your face from all that makeup!

I get this question all the time

Q:: How do you not break out from all that makeup you wear at school?

A:: Here are some tips for heavy makeup users

For every day makeup always use a primer.
Some primer brands are-- Rimmel, Smashbox, MUFE, MAC,
This creates a barrier over your skin so foundation doesn't seep into your pores

Ok for those heavy makeup users who like a very heavy coverage.

Use Derma shield

This is the heavy duty stuff. Usually actors use this stuff because of the amount of makeup they are putting on their skin. To show you how well this works watch this video.

And last but now least see my skin care routine (you can find on the side bar)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cirque Du Soleil inspired

Ok so to get this look I used the fair color in my RCMA Palette, black pencil from wet'n wild and black eyeliner from coastal scents. I used the vibrant pink in the 88 palette and faded it in to the a light pink and orangey/coral color. For the little forehead piece I made I used cardboard then put a layer of pink glitter on it and then glued sequins on top.

Coastal Scents Gel Liner
So I don't think I'm ever getting that black "gel" liner from coastal scents again it dries sooo quick. I used it on this look and so what i did was i scraped some on my spatula and used it from there and if I didn't use it immediately it starts to crumble on the spatula and it just wasn't usable so I had to scrape more off. For the short period I've had the jar I've used a lot. I hear so many reviews on MACS fluid line how fast that dries but mine is fine and it doesn't dry as fast as Coastal scents does. I think I'm going to have to stick with MAC sorry CS.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bullet holes and Flowers

So this is what I do with my free time =)

I finally finished my Theatre class so no more outrageous makeup. Now im in Photo/High Fashion so get ready for lots of glitter and rhinestones!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Coastal Scents HD Foundation Review

Coastal Scents HD Foundation in shades 14, 07, and 01
I bought the lightest shade the middle shade and the darkest shade so I'd be able to mix and get the perfect shade for most people. I tried it on today and I can't say its not amazing or the best foundation I've used. I've gotten a better finish with my MAC Studo Sculpt foundation. I'm going to try different ways in applying it and different amounts to see if it gets any better. The way I like to apply it is I put a small amount on a palette and dip my MAC 109 brush in it. Then I stipple and swirl so I'm not using a lot on my face. It's a light to medium finish. Compared to MUFE's HD foundation I can't say it's the same at all. MUFE's HD is a heavier coverage and it gives you an airbrush finish like face. As I was playing with Coastal Scents HD on my hand it felt like I had to put a good a mount on my skin to make it seem airbrushed like. and So of course HD means it should look great on camera right? I do like how it didn't give me a whitish haze on my face so that's one plus but it still looks like its missing something in the ingredients. I absolutely love my MAC studio sculpt even on camera I have nothing bad to say about it. So all in all Coastal Scents HD Foundation its a good foundation if you want a cheap foundation that gives you a light to medium foundation. I don't exactly know if it's "HD' if you know what I mean. But try it out for your self when they have a sale going on I bought mine when everything on their site was 25% off. If your an NC 40 in MAC the shade 07 should match you.

Coastal Scents Gel liner in True black
It's like anyother gel liner but a when I stuck my spatula in it, it was kind of hard. I had to warm it up back in for with a brush. So it's still a good alternative to MAC fluidline