Thursday, April 16, 2009

This Weeks Mini Haul

I don't think I'll ever be able to have a true haul. I envy those who are able to spend money on many products on one trip to the store. Of course their are those who save money for a day where they go all out and splurge but that will never be me. I have to buy something every week so I never have money saved up for a huge haul. I guess you can call it an ADDICTION!

Robert Simmons E67 Filbert Brush
Price: 11.99 / 40% coupon about 7
Rating: 5 stars
First I'm going to start off with my new Michaels brush. Today I actually went to Michaels and just looked at all their brushes to see if I could use any of them. I found the most perfect brush for concealer application. The Robert Simmons E67 Filbert! This is such a great brush. It's pretty stiff and a perfect size for me. At the moment I'm using Sonia Kashuks flat foundation brush for concealer application and it's just a little to big and it leaves streak marks so I have to blend it out with my finger. I do own a Lowell cornell filbert brush but its a little smaller and it is stained by my HIP creamliner. I initially bought it for concealer but it was way to small (picture on side, black one) I've realized that all my paint brushes from Michaels stain easily from my makeup. It's a pain to clean. The colors on my brushes will seriously not come out even if I clean it with EVOO. The EVOO will also stain it! These brushes I'm referring to are my Maxine Mops and Lowell Cornells. But it's ok I get them pretty cheap. I suggest everyone to check before going to to any store. I have saved so much money from coupon clippings from this website. It updates you on recent coupons from restaurants, beauty stores, retail, and groceries. I won't go to Michaels without a coupon. I just think its ridiculous to spend full price on something when they will always have coupons every week no matter if its 25% or 40%.

Beautique Lip Liners
1.99 / with Beauty card 1.29/ This months special buy 2 get one free
Rating: 3 out 5
I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and I saw these lip liners and I was alittle iffy in buying them. I've had experience with cheap liners where they feel like a coloring pencil, nice and hard. These were amazingly soft. They glided on my lips like butta! The staying quality is why I gave it a 3. It will rub off quite quickly but then again im constantly eating so I'm always reapplying lipstick throughout the day. After I applied those lipliners to my hand I rubbed it off with one swipe =. They will do for now. Go to to get the coupon for the month.

Price: 5 each / 2 for 8.00
Last but not least are my rings I got from Charlotte Russe. I'm starting to like big rings now and these are pretty BIG. Today in class a guy said, "Do you have problems with bees?" O wow that was a knee slapper! lol. The glass looking one you can actually adjust the ring to your size but the other ring you can't and it's alittle to big for me.

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