Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Recent Theatre Looks and Glitter

Our assignment was to be a witch and my inspiration was that blue character (don't remember the name) from Hercules the cartoon. I also just had to add my glitter bow. (Lady Gaga Status.)

Ok so this one has to be my favorite. Our task was to do a full beard and the first person I
thought was was Kimbo Slice. Do I look like him? lol

Keeping Glitter Under Control

Have you ever tried using glitter on your lids but it would get all over your face and clothes? Well heres a trick.
In a small cap or cup put some DUO lash adhesive in it and some glitter. Mix it until its a paste and apply it on your lid with a q-tip or brush. No mess what so ever. It can be a little expensive because Duo can cost any where to 5 to 8 dollars. If its on your body (no eye area) spray area with hairspray and then apply glitter. Hope that helps for the Holiday!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Meet Hobo John

Theatre class on wednesday was the most interesting day of school. It also rained for the first time since I've moved here. Wednesdays project was to be an old wrinkly hobo.

I know I look super disgusting lol.

I like to get in to character.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wedding look and Theatre makeup

Hey gals! So a quick update on school I've finished my beauty and salon class and have moved onto theatre class Debra was my model for my final. Please click on the picture for a larger view. I went with a wedding look and I was very very pleased with the outcome. She looks flawless!

So if you were wondering how different Theatre class is, here are some pictures of what kind of work we do.

I like to call her Trixie. She is 50 years old and still thinks she can work the streets. Her smoking habit has left her with some really bad wrinkle lines.

Scary I know.

This is Trixie and her pimpstress.
( me and MUA Kristen)

This is me as a chunky baker woman.
(me and MUA Eva)

Friday, October 2, 2009

A Twist to the Zebra Nails

Recently I've been really into nail designs and this is something I came up with, with the help from a Japanese Nail Art Magazine.

How I did the zebra nail:::
1. With Black nail polish draw the twisty design you want first. let it dry a little bit
2. With White nail polish fill in the empty spaces. let that fully dry (You will have to be very careful)
3. With a thin brush draw in the black zebra stripes on top of the white
4. With a thin brush dip in silver/gray glitter nail polish and follow the edges where the black paint meets the white paint

How I did the all black nails::
1. Paint the nail all black
2. With a thin brush dip in silver/gray glitter nail polish and make 2 different curvy lines.