Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunday IMATS Pictures

Alot of people ask what school I go to so this is it. Elegance International <3

Enkore <3 Youtube makeup videos definitely played a big role in my decision in becoming a makeup artist. I found a hidden talent I never knew I had. =)
Real...sigh... I go to a makeup show and i take a picture with a guy that has nothing to do with makeup. Why was he there anyways??? ahah

For my first time at IMATS I must say I wasn't that amazed. I thought it was going to be huge and amazing. I left within 2 hours. I'll probably go next year too just to go but for 2 years I have been estatic to go to this tradeshow but I think I just hyped my hyped myself up.

Friday, June 18, 2010

IMATS Los Angeles June 26, June 27

I'm quite excited for IMATS coming up. Are you going?! This will be my first time going so expect me to be buying the whole place. I was thinking of going both days but I'll just be going Sunday. When I used to live in Florida I would see Youtube videos on IMATS and get so jealous of the people who went, and now I finally get to go! My top booths to go to are Naked cosmetics and Crown brushes. You can't get enough brushes. One more week guys! I can't contain my self!!! =)

Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm going bald.

Heyyy peepsss!! I'm now in Flim class and this will be my last course in my program =(. I graduate in July and I'm not ready to at all. I love going to school knowing im playing with makeup all day.The first thing we've learned in class was to put on a bald cap properly. It's a very difficult makeup to do. Blending the edges and mixing a perfect color to blend into the skin is very difficult for me but I managed. I was actually the class demo in the morning and this is what I looked like in a baldcap.