Friday, May 15, 2009

Jazz Up Your Mac Palettes

Do you have many MAC palettes and have trouble figuring out what colors are in what palette.? JAZZ EM UP!!! Labeling them is so boring. Do something unique and interesting to them!

Can you guess what's inside this palette? Let me give you a hint. The pans are similar to the Lady bugs body.

Yay! It's my L'Oreal HIP duo shadows. I rearranged all the colors so they could be next to a color similar to them.

This is my Neutral Brown palette. I didn't take a picture of the inside because I really just shove all my colors in it. I took the divider out because I ran out of room and I can't buy palettes around here I have to wait til I go to Houston or Cali.

I call this my travel palette. If I go on vaction I use one palette and put all the neccessary colors I will need on the trip. This one doesn't have the dividers in it either. This one looks kind of funny I may change it.

So I will be needing to get probably 3 more palettes for a a purple, pink, and blue palette. All the stickers I bought are from Michaels


  1. Yay for customized palettes!! I did this to my coastal scents palettes. It gives it a 'cute' touch. These are cute girl!! Very creative!! Yay Michaels!!

  2. thats such a cute & creative idea.
    i love your hair hun & your blogs are great xoxoxox

  3. This is really cute! & I love the ladybug sticker!!

  4. That's so creative and cute. It's almost like "scrapbooking" your palettes!!

  5. awesome palettes!! i love what you did with the HIPSTERS!! ;-D

  6. creative enough! owh thks for the award..*blushing*

  7. That's so cute and a great idea (: Nice blog btw (; *follows*