Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MUA mini Swap Haul

Hey guys! So I have a very mini swap haul. If your not familiar with swapping let me tell you a little about it. Its a website called This website has user reviews of everything that is beauty related. Hair products, Makeup, Skin Care and Hot Tools. I always look at this site before I buy anything that I am unfamiliar with. Another great thing about this website is that you can swap makeup with people. Yeah at first I was like thats disgusting your swapping germs practically. So I only swap for things I know I can sterilize thoroughly like pressed powder products and lip sticks. Pressed powder you can spray with alcohol and swipe off the first layer. Lipstick shave off the top layer and dip in alcohol. I advise you not to swap mascaras or liquid liners. I think swapping is great when you have a product you never use or you tried it and you hate it. So why not swap with someone that wants it and you want something of theirs?

The products you se below are what I got for swapping my Benefit She Laq which I hated! It did nothing for me.

If your looking for any Ben Nye products check out the fun-shop
I actually checked on this website to see the color of Cinderella Blue and the swatch they give you on the website I thought would have been much lighter like a sky blue but apparently its much more muted.
MAC Peaches is a matte version of MAC Hello Kittys Fun and Games
As you can see it's pretty knicked up and I didn't know that because the person never mentioned it to me so if you do swap always ask for pictures.
It took me a couple applications for it to show. I think I may need a base to go under this so it doesn't fly off my face so quickly.

It's pretty vibrant but I may also need a base under this. It came off pretty easily.


  1. I use makeup alley too, and its unfortunate that girls out there bombard me with their drugstore swaplist, for my "higher" end products. Sigh... You're right about swapping your own makeup for stuff you'd wanna try, but then again I think I get jipped everytime I swap. :(

  2. owhh..if i were u, i will be pissed if the swap came out bad..but the ELF blusher not bad..look natural..:)

  3. Yeh I was whatever about it. She gave me the elf as an extra so I guess it evens out. What evvvv! It still works lol

  4. Thank you! Your too sweet<3 Great job on her makeup for prom. You kept it fresh and natural!
    I love your dress for prom! very sexy! Where in FL are you?

  5. we drove threw a couple of months ago on a very long road trip lol
    I live in sanibel it's a small quite island, I love it although it's very quite and a lot of old pplz.. lol