Monday, May 25, 2009

Review: Ben Nye Final Seal and Neutral Set Powder.

Ok I have used these products a couple times now and this is what I think of them..

Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder
I apply this powder along my tzone after I have applied my makeup and this works great. Makes me less shiny and less oily. I'm not saying this powder completely makes me matte alll day long, it just takes me longer to get oily and shiny. I use to have to blot like the first 3 hours I've had my makeup on but now I blot near the end of the day which is great! Especially after I eat greasy foods that would call for an immediate blot of the face but now while using this powder I really don't need to blot. This is very transluscent and does not altar the makeup at all. Packaging would have been great if it was in a jar form rather than a bottle. It does have shaker holes but I just wish the cap was larger so I could swirl and tap.

Ben Nye Matte Final Seal
The spray nozzle on this is very powerful and is quite hard to get an even coverage all over your face. The feeling I get when I spray this on my face is a mild hairspray feeling. I feel my skin start to tighten up so I have to do those face exercises to loosen it up. If it gets in your hair I suggest combing through it because it feels like you just put hairspray in it. It also has a mint scent so getting this in your eye would be very unpleasant. I've seen that my makeup will stay vibrant all day long. No need for retouching except for concealer because I'm always rubbing under my eyes. I spray this after I use the neutral set but from now on I will spray it before the neutral set because I think it made me look dewy even though it said its a matte spray.

All in all these two products were a great find!


  1. Hmm, after reading your review I think I might have to give these products a try! Thanks =]

  2. cool beans. I will keep these in mind when i do decide to purchase them . Thanks for the great review!