Friday, July 31, 2009

MAC Haul + Where to get Really Cheap RedCherry Lashes

Today was Orientation at the makeup school and I got to see all 9 of my classmates lol. Yes the classrooms are built small so there is more one on one time. We pretty much went over school policies and how this is going to be a life changing career.
So.. Of course going to a makeup school you have to have makeup so this is what I got so far at MAC and I was lucky enough to know someone that had a Pro card and got me 30% off. With out the card this would have at the most cost me about 500 dollars but all in total about 330 with discount. I definitely am not done shopping either tomorrow will be a fun day shopping at various makeup stores around town.
1.Blush palette
2. Dip Down Fluid line
3. Black Track Fluid lin
4. Pink Swoon Blush
5. Mylar e.s
6. Saddle e.s
7. espresso e.s
8. Mineralized skinfinish.natural/medium
9. Duo pencil sharpener
10. turquoise glitter
11. Select Coverup Green concealer
12. Mixing Medium Eyeliner
13. 168 Contour Brush
14. 116 Blush Brush
15. 190 Foundation Brush
16. 242 Shader brush
17. 208 Slanted liner brush
18. 210 eyeliner brush
19. Spiked Brow pencil
20. Plumful l.s
21. Cockney l.s

22. Brush belt

The Cheapest Red Cherry Lashes website I have found so far.

I thought moving out here to CA I could find really cheap and great quality lashes, but I was wrong. I've been everywhere from Korean Supermarkets to Vietnamese markets even down to Fashion District area, and they all sell lashes for $2-$4. I'm not going to spend 4 dollars on lashes when I absolutely know there are cheaper ones out there. I am addicted to lashes and I am always on the lookout for good quality products with a good price tag. If your an addict like me then check out there website I think the prices they offer are an amazing.


  1. Wow!! Great haul... I didn't know you get 30% off MAC products when you have a pro card... everyone talks about them, but no one ever said how much you get off, for some reason I always thought it'd be 10% off... lol Wow, great deal hun!

  2. omg! thanks so much. I've been looking around for cheap red cherry and around town. and yes...i even found a store that sells them for $5.95? crazy. thanks a bunch!! glad I waited...:)

    & wow. on your new products. it's going to benefit you in the long run. school is important!


  3. WWOWW! great haul! i wish i can go crazy shopping at mac! and thanks so much for that website!!

  4. WOAH, that's so much MAC! I need to find someone that has a pro card too! haha

    & thanks for the Red Cherry site :)

  5. Nice MAC haul. When are you getting your MAC pro card?

  6. you know what, i was at the Giant Dollar store over here in L.A. earlier and i saw red cherry lashes being sold for a dollar a piece. I was shocked!! So check to see any Giant Dollar store around you, they might have it :)

  7. @Edna I don't know if they approved me for it yet but as I see in other peoples blogs they say it takes 5 weeks to get it back if you mailed it in and its only been 3 weeks for me.

    @Becky oooh thanks I'll definitely check it out.

  8. Nice mac haul! I want your brushes! Have fun in school!

  9. Nice haul~ Good luck in schoool!

  10. Do you have to get MAC for your school use? I'm curious, as it's gonna cost a lot of money just to build the kit to start with.

  11. Hi Amanda! I just found your blog post here when I searched for Red Cherry Lashes. I haven't managed to find any sold in person here in Toronto Canada...I know we can purchase them online but it's always nice to see them in person first, I find it helps me :)
    I tried the website you suggested for the most affordable Red Cherry Lashes ( and the site doesn't seem to be working anymore....was there a typo in the website address or do you think the company went down? Where do you get your Red Cherry lashes from lately?
    Thanks so much in advance Hun x


  13. There's a salon in Ottawa, Ontario thats sells Red Cgerry lashes for $19 CND!!! same price as MAC lashes!!!