Saturday, July 11, 2009

Update and MAC 226 substitutes

Lately all I've been doing is buying things that would make me more organized. Like the "Wonder Hanger" (it actually works pretty good). As you can see by my makeup drawer I definitely need drawer organizers.

I bought this cd/dvd holder at container store. Some may already know this but if you dont, the dvd holder fits MAC palettes.

So there is this store in O.C that my sister took me to called Fashion Young, I fell in love. So many clothes that is sold for really cheap. What got me so pissed was that there was this dress I bought back in Florida that I absolutely love but I found it here for literally half the price. grr. I did buy a shirt though. We were kind of in a rush, I'll need to go by myself next time to actually look through all the clothes. My sister got a long tubetop dress that matches my shirt and we actually wore it the same day lol.

Ok so I picked up the MAC 226 today because I was scared it was going to be sold out later when I get my PRO card (If i get my procard). Then I realized hmm I have 2 other brushes that are quite similar i should just return it and spend it on something else.

**The top brush is the Beauty of Essence crease brush from CVS.
--A little rounder at the top and denser.

**The middle brush is the MAC 226.
--Pointier than the 224 and disperses color in a more precise area

**The bottom brush is the Bare Escentuals Smoky V brush.
--the bristles are a lot denser than the 226 and pointier than the CVS brush

Left to Right
Beauty of Essence, Bare Escentuals, MAC 226


  1. THanks for the 226 dupes. I have the 226, but its a brush I never use. I think I tried playing with it 2-3x and failed miserably :( Any suggestions to turn this into a brush I'd appreciate more?

  2. niice! i love that bare essentials brush! oh and me too, i love organizing my makeup for some reason!

  3. @ Edna...Hmm.. Well what i like to use it for is for cutting the crease. Like lets say I put a champagne color on the lid with a shader brush. Then I put a soft light brown with my 224 along the crease and upwards. Then with the 226 I would put a darker brown color directly along the outer crease for more depth. =)

  4. oOoo I like your makeup, I definitely wouldn't mind raiding your makeup collection ;) hehe I'm just jealous

  5. That Bare Escentuals brush looks really nice. I've never really noticed their brushes before. That top is really cute :).