Friday, July 17, 2009

Professional Makeup Case

So this week I went to my school and took a little tour. It was really small but interesting you can say. I paid 20 dollars to park in Hollywood just to take a tour at my school freaking ridiculous right? So as I'm walking to my school im actually walking over the Hollywood stars and I was like whoa haha. There was a lot of tourists everywhere. (You know there tourists when they dont watch where they're going they look up when they walk.) So I got a list of things I needed for school and one of the items was an Aluminum Makeup case so I got on YAZMO.COM and got me this case

I fell in love with this case. It's quite big and spacious and I love the sleek black look.

Here it is opened without the trays folded out. As you can see I put my red cherry falsies in already. RED CHERRY EYELASHES AMAZING UPDATE COMING SOON!!

It folds out into 6 trays

This is how big it looks next to me. I'm a small girl so I'm scared once I have all my makeup supplies in it how the hell I'm going to pick it up. It already weighs about 10 lbs by itself.

Nyx Jumbo Pencils in Milk and Slate
Lashes I bought at a korean store
This is some stuff I got down in Fashion District in downtown L.A. There was this store there that sold makeup that the packaging was VERY similar to MAC. They also sold brushes that were about 6 dollars. I was thinking long and hard should I buy it but then I looked closely to the craftsmanship in the brushes and I wasn't very happy so I'll just save up for MAC brushes. I think it will be an invesment for me since I'm going to be a makeup artist.

--Update On My Life--
Lately I've been hanging out with my sister. I have two so im always hanging out with one or the other so I never have time to blog or do Youtube videos anymore. I'm like there little pet that they want to take everywhere lol. My sister Linda and I have been going to all kinds of places like, Chinatown, Koreatown, and Fashion District. Hopefully my sisters will soon feel like they dont have to take me everywhere so I can start doing Youtube videos again =)


  1. oh the case is nice. very professional. very very close to the mac traincase. and parking in hollywood is ridiculous.. i dont think i could pay 20 for parking lol. i'd go crazy!!

  2. Wow what a great case!! :D But it's so BIG compared to you since you're so petite~! XD

  3. Wow congrats on finding a nice makeup case :) Thats good you're spending a lot of time with your sisters, glad you found some time to update us!

  4. Wow that case is huuge! lol xD can't wait for more updates (:

  5. oh i used to live in chinatown but i moved to somewhere close to it that's like a bigger version of chinatown! hahaha. the makeup case is HUGE!

  6. the case does look big compare to you. looks heavy and imagine when u put makeup inside. on the other hand, it looks very cool and i like all the trays. so much space!

    hollywood and highland is more packed than before, thanks to michael jackson. i always push people away or else im gonna get stepped on lol. I also take the train when i go coz parking can be expensive.

  7. Oh, that's nice that you're hanging out with your sisters n__n Nice train case too!

  8. wowowow! i love that travel case! its sooo huge! And I love how many compartments it has. nothing is more annoying than dis-organization! lol

  9. theres so many places to hold everything, i might need one myself =P hehe

  10. I want to get this case but in hot pink and black for Christmas, would you mind posting pics as to what you can and able to fit in there? please and thank you