Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nigels Beauty Emporium Haul

Yes guys its another damn haul!

1. Monda Metal palette
2. Metal Spatula
3. Japonesque lip palette
4. Monda Fan brush
5. Two disposable mascara wand packs
6. two large powder puffs
7. Beny Nye Rainbow Wheel
8. Ben Nye Cover All Wheel Sk-1
9. RCMA Pro Palette #11 Shinto Palette

10. Eco Designs drape
11. Monda powder brush
12. Mehron Pro concealer wheel
13. Nurturing forces blot paper (rose)
14. Ben Nye Transparent Topaz Powder
15. Ben Nye Transparent Ebony Powder
16. Ben Nye Spirit gum

--First day of class--
It was a very long day but also exciting day for me. I never thought I would get tired of doing makeup on a person until that day. We practice, practice, practice on each others faces and I got to the point where I was pooped. That day I also realized that I needed to get more supplies for school which is totally burning a hole in my wallet. That night my sister took me out to eat at Cafe Bizou because of my first day of class they had delious Chicken Balsamic but their crab cakes were pretty bad let me tell ya.

Please leave a comment for any reviews or swatches on any of the products from this haul or any of my previous hauls =)


  1. Amanda,
    Great hauls!!pls pls do a swatch..

    too bad I dont have any Monda or Ben Nye products here..argh..*sigh*

  2. Nice haul. I didn't know cosmetology school was so intense. What other makeup items do you need for school?

  3. Great haul.. I love those fan brushes, they feel so nice. :)

  4. how many hours do you spend in school and how much is that RCMA concealer palette? If you dont mind me asking :)

  5. Gr8 haulings you have here! I came over from your YouTube channel and I know what you mean, i'm into blogging as well and sometimes its just easier to write than record! I followed :D

    Hope you doing good!


  6. oh great haul~ you probably have a good selection by now for your schooling ^^

  7. now that's a makeup artist's haul! loving it girl!