Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ComiCon Photos

I always planned on going to ComiCon but when it was time to buy the tickets they were already sold out. This was about 3 months ago when I finally decided on going. Well 3 days before ComiCon my friend told me her uncle could get us in. The main reason why I wanted to go so bad was because of Twilight's panel discussion. We got there the night before and thought well we have exhibitor passes so we'll be able to cut in line of people so we don't have to wait in line. The next day lines are forming like crazy at 5 o'clock in the morning. Just to make sure we can go in before people we got over to the convention center and was able to go in and check out the area before the general public got in. So we go ahead and walk around trying to find the twilight room so maybe we can get first dibbs on seats. WELLLL what we didn't know is that there are two complete different lines one line you are able to see is for getting into the exhibit hall the other line which is on the OTHER side of the building which you can't see unless you walk to the other side of the building is for Panel discussion. The lines is soo F*in long that it wraps around the marina. I ask the security lady if exhibitor passes are a loud to go in first and she said NO YOU HAVE TO WAIT IN LINE. OMG!!! that got me soo mad because they only allow 6000 people to get in the panel discussion and the line was way over 6000 people. So I was pretty much ticked off the rest of the time at ComiCon. But me and my friend did get a lot of free stuff at different booths. Even though I didnt' get in to Twilight I'm glad I got to experience what ComiCon was like.

Some Halo character we found on the streets of San Diego

This is why I love makeup. He had the a big gut but the contouring of his abs and arms were amazing

Linda Tran

Tyrese Gibson I <3>

Piccachu my main Squeeze

I think this is the volturi chair


  1. pikachu is too cute.

  2. Looks like fun :) You're so skinnyyyy!

  3. Ahh I want to hug pikachu too! He looks too cute n__n

  4. You went to Comic-Con?! That's so freaking cool dude!

  5. You're so lucky that your friend's uncle was able to get you in! Raymond and I had planned to go to Comic-Con, but we didn't buy our tickets in time & they were sold out :( Boo!