Friday, July 31, 2009

MAC Haul + Where to get Really Cheap RedCherry Lashes

Today was Orientation at the makeup school and I got to see all 9 of my classmates lol. Yes the classrooms are built small so there is more one on one time. We pretty much went over school policies and how this is going to be a life changing career.
So.. Of course going to a makeup school you have to have makeup so this is what I got so far at MAC and I was lucky enough to know someone that had a Pro card and got me 30% off. With out the card this would have at the most cost me about 500 dollars but all in total about 330 with discount. I definitely am not done shopping either tomorrow will be a fun day shopping at various makeup stores around town.
1.Blush palette
2. Dip Down Fluid line
3. Black Track Fluid lin
4. Pink Swoon Blush
5. Mylar e.s
6. Saddle e.s
7. espresso e.s
8. Mineralized skinfinish.natural/medium
9. Duo pencil sharpener
10. turquoise glitter
11. Select Coverup Green concealer
12. Mixing Medium Eyeliner
13. 168 Contour Brush
14. 116 Blush Brush
15. 190 Foundation Brush
16. 242 Shader brush
17. 208 Slanted liner brush
18. 210 eyeliner brush
19. Spiked Brow pencil
20. Plumful l.s
21. Cockney l.s

22. Brush belt

The Cheapest Red Cherry Lashes website I have found so far.

I thought moving out here to CA I could find really cheap and great quality lashes, but I was wrong. I've been everywhere from Korean Supermarkets to Vietnamese markets even down to Fashion District area, and they all sell lashes for $2-$4. I'm not going to spend 4 dollars on lashes when I absolutely know there are cheaper ones out there. I am addicted to lashes and I am always on the lookout for good quality products with a good price tag. If your an addict like me then check out there website I think the prices they offer are an amazing.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ComiCon Photos

I always planned on going to ComiCon but when it was time to buy the tickets they were already sold out. This was about 3 months ago when I finally decided on going. Well 3 days before ComiCon my friend told me her uncle could get us in. The main reason why I wanted to go so bad was because of Twilight's panel discussion. We got there the night before and thought well we have exhibitor passes so we'll be able to cut in line of people so we don't have to wait in line. The next day lines are forming like crazy at 5 o'clock in the morning. Just to make sure we can go in before people we got over to the convention center and was able to go in and check out the area before the general public got in. So we go ahead and walk around trying to find the twilight room so maybe we can get first dibbs on seats. WELLLL what we didn't know is that there are two complete different lines one line you are able to see is for getting into the exhibit hall the other line which is on the OTHER side of the building which you can't see unless you walk to the other side of the building is for Panel discussion. The lines is soo F*in long that it wraps around the marina. I ask the security lady if exhibitor passes are a loud to go in first and she said NO YOU HAVE TO WAIT IN LINE. OMG!!! that got me soo mad because they only allow 6000 people to get in the panel discussion and the line was way over 6000 people. So I was pretty much ticked off the rest of the time at ComiCon. But me and my friend did get a lot of free stuff at different booths. Even though I didnt' get in to Twilight I'm glad I got to experience what ComiCon was like.

Some Halo character we found on the streets of San Diego

This is why I love makeup. He had the a big gut but the contouring of his abs and arms were amazing

Linda Tran

Tyrese Gibson I <3>

Piccachu my main Squeeze

I think this is the volturi chair

Friday, July 17, 2009

Professional Makeup Case

So this week I went to my school and took a little tour. It was really small but interesting you can say. I paid 20 dollars to park in Hollywood just to take a tour at my school freaking ridiculous right? So as I'm walking to my school im actually walking over the Hollywood stars and I was like whoa haha. There was a lot of tourists everywhere. (You know there tourists when they dont watch where they're going they look up when they walk.) So I got a list of things I needed for school and one of the items was an Aluminum Makeup case so I got on YAZMO.COM and got me this case

I fell in love with this case. It's quite big and spacious and I love the sleek black look.

Here it is opened without the trays folded out. As you can see I put my red cherry falsies in already. RED CHERRY EYELASHES AMAZING UPDATE COMING SOON!!

It folds out into 6 trays

This is how big it looks next to me. I'm a small girl so I'm scared once I have all my makeup supplies in it how the hell I'm going to pick it up. It already weighs about 10 lbs by itself.

Nyx Jumbo Pencils in Milk and Slate
Lashes I bought at a korean store
This is some stuff I got down in Fashion District in downtown L.A. There was this store there that sold makeup that the packaging was VERY similar to MAC. They also sold brushes that were about 6 dollars. I was thinking long and hard should I buy it but then I looked closely to the craftsmanship in the brushes and I wasn't very happy so I'll just save up for MAC brushes. I think it will be an invesment for me since I'm going to be a makeup artist.

--Update On My Life--
Lately I've been hanging out with my sister. I have two so im always hanging out with one or the other so I never have time to blog or do Youtube videos anymore. I'm like there little pet that they want to take everywhere lol. My sister Linda and I have been going to all kinds of places like, Chinatown, Koreatown, and Fashion District. Hopefully my sisters will soon feel like they dont have to take me everywhere so I can start doing Youtube videos again =)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Update and MAC 226 substitutes

Lately all I've been doing is buying things that would make me more organized. Like the "Wonder Hanger" (it actually works pretty good). As you can see by my makeup drawer I definitely need drawer organizers.

I bought this cd/dvd holder at container store. Some may already know this but if you dont, the dvd holder fits MAC palettes.

So there is this store in O.C that my sister took me to called Fashion Young, I fell in love. So many clothes that is sold for really cheap. What got me so pissed was that there was this dress I bought back in Florida that I absolutely love but I found it here for literally half the price. grr. I did buy a shirt though. We were kind of in a rush, I'll need to go by myself next time to actually look through all the clothes. My sister got a long tubetop dress that matches my shirt and we actually wore it the same day lol.

Ok so I picked up the MAC 226 today because I was scared it was going to be sold out later when I get my PRO card (If i get my procard). Then I realized hmm I have 2 other brushes that are quite similar i should just return it and spend it on something else.

**The top brush is the Beauty of Essence crease brush from CVS.
--A little rounder at the top and denser.

**The middle brush is the MAC 226.
--Pointier than the 224 and disperses color in a more precise area

**The bottom brush is the Bare Escentuals Smoky V brush.
--the bristles are a lot denser than the 226 and pointier than the CVS brush

Left to Right
Beauty of Essence, Bare Escentuals, MAC 226

Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm here!!!!

I have officially moved to California! I've been in the O.C since the 1st of July to the 5th spending time with the family but yesterday was my big move to the apartment in L.A with my sister. I'm actually sharing a room with her and well a bed too (a small one) Yesterday for dinner we went to The Cheesecake factory and when we were waiting for our car at valet I saw Elizabeth Berkley (Jesse from Saved by the Bell) waiting for her car to. I gasped but then the excitement went away immediately because she's not that special haha. Last time I went to California I met Omarion (RNB singer) who was on the same plan as me going to Cali. I guess I'm just lucky with celebrities.

I will be having a contest soon yay!!! and I will be having a sale soon for my college funding =) So look out for those post you don't want to miss it!