Saturday, September 26, 2009

Zombieland Premiere!

Wednesday was a very unexpected day for me. Well first I went to makeup class and after class me and my friend checked out the zombieland premiere. This was our first time going to a premiere so we weren't really expecting much except pushing, shoving and waiting. When were got there a security was recruiting people to be zombies for the premiere. All you had to do was get your face painted by their makeup artist (who weren't very good) and stand behind the wall near the "black" carpet. I was so up for it and so was my friend so I was what the heck it gets us closer to the stars. Then they announced to us that because we helped them we get to watch the premiere with the stars. I was so speechless. It was the most amazing experiece ever. I thought the stars would be sectioned off in the theatre but know they roam around and practically are sitting with us. There are a lot more photos but I was too lazy to upload all.

The professional zombies that were brought in to walk the carpet.

Us before being zombies
I'm not going to say what school these makeup artist came from but they could've done a better job in 5 mins. Plus I got fake blood under my contact.

Rob Dyrdek: He's just as funny as he is in his show

Stars from my absolute favorite show Dexter!

Me and C.S Lee aka Matsuka!

Emma Stone
Amber Heard: She's so pretty

Inside the Chinese theatre


  1. Oh wow sounds like you had a fun eventful day~!

  2. OMFG! You met Matsuka from F_ing DEXTER!!! He's such a character in that show. Freaking horn dog, LOL

  3. hell yeah a new movie about zombies.

  4. in not weird to see all this people in a premiere like this, since years ago there's not a good zombie movies, and you can't count land of the dead or dawn of the dead, why? because these movies have no sense about how started the plague or virus just one day someone woke and say "I'm a zombie".