Tuesday, September 8, 2009

MAC and Bobbi Brown swatches

All this I bought at the cosmetics outlet. You know I love to shop there =)
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Bobbi Brown Blush Creme
Perfect stick for contouring. Just swipe it under the cheekbones and blend (that is if you have have a round face, if you already have nice high cheekbones..LUCKY!!)

MAC Pink Nouveau
This is my new go to color. Yeah its pretty bright but its time for a change.

MAC Virgin Isle Creme Blush
This color is so pigmented you literally only need a tad bit. This is going to last me forever!!


  1. uuh that lipstick is gorgeous! :D
    lovely purchases


  2. i have pink noveau too but it looks brighter on me for some reason! how'd u get yours paler?

  3. it could be just the lighting of the picture. I didn't put any other color under it.

  4. ooh alright thanks :) love your posts btw, please keep 'em coming! i wanna live in LA and see all those celebrities..seems so exciting!