Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shanghai Goodies!

My sister went to Shanghai with a friend and brought back a whole lot of goodies that I wasn't really expecting. This is just my batch she has another batch for her and for friends.
Mini OPI nailpolish
You see them here in the states but they come in packs of colors that are already set. She actually got to pick these herself. I have to say though they don't compare to the normal sized ones. The brush causes lot of streaks.
Everyone knows I have an obsession with green tea products and these green tea Pockys were my FAVV. The Green tea Halls were a little wierd to me but I'd still eat it =)

This is comparable to fix +. A little bit more refreshing
And this is where we hit the mother load. I wore the dramatic lashes and I LOVED THEM. $16 for both boxes you can't beat that price.
Makeup School Update: I've been in school for a month and I've learned a lot. I'm definitely going broke buying tons of makeup. I think it's time to do a FOTD dontcha think. Oh and I enrolled in hair class so I can do updos for weddings and such.


  1. in vietnam those lashes are $1.30!!!

  2. yes, you need nnew pics!! I tagged you in the 7 traits tag. come by!

  3. Lovely post with the goodies. There's mini OPI nailpolish? cute. Somehow in the photo they look like the full size. lol.

  4. Those mini OPI are adorable!!!

    I need to go to my local Watsons and see if they have this spray... I would love to try it out since you likened it to MAC :)