Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunday IMATS Pictures

Alot of people ask what school I go to so this is it. Elegance International <3

Enkore <3 Youtube makeup videos definitely played a big role in my decision in becoming a makeup artist. I found a hidden talent I never knew I had. =)
Real...sigh... I go to a makeup show and i take a picture with a guy that has nothing to do with makeup. Why was he there anyways??? ahah

For my first time at IMATS I must say I wasn't that amazed. I thought it was going to be huge and amazing. I left within 2 hours. I'll probably go next year too just to go but for 2 years I have been estatic to go to this tradeshow but I think I just hyped my hyped myself up.


  1. How cool! Hey aint that the guy from Vh1? Ha ha!


  2. Hahahahah I love that Real was there. It looks like you had an amazing time, I wish I could have went i'm so jealous of everyone that did!