Friday, July 2, 2010

Kiss/Broadway Nails and MY FIRST CONTEST!!!

So I was contacted by Kiss because they saw my review on Broadway French Tip nails a while back. They sent me some of their new products to try out and I must say they are quite trendy .

Ok the first product is the All or One Artificial Nail Remover. The tub is filled with acetone and is seperated into 2 sections. You can either soak all your nails in the acetone or just one finger. Neat idea huh?! and through out time when the acetone gets dirty you can empty it and refill it!
These are the Fashion Diva Stickers. You get over 400 stickers in one package. I was amazed in how many there were. It's easy to apply also, just carefully peel and apply on your nail. I suggest a top coat for maximum staying power.
The first box on the left is Harajuku inspired. These comes with tabs for an easier application process. The fun part about these is that you can mixmatch the nail colors.
The second box consist of white and yellow peace signs on a pink french tip. Very cute!!
These also have tabs for an easy application process.
Both boxes come with  nail glue.
These nails are pretty awesome! They have a cute design on a white french tip, but once you go in the sun they change to a pink french tip. How cool!!!
These are the Fashion Diva Express Nails. They don't come with glue just the nails itself. They also do not have tabs on them so it was a little more challenging to not get glue on my fingers.
I tried on one of the nail sets and I chose the Fashion Express's because They looked perfect for a rave I was going to =) The way I applied them was first I sized them up to my nails. Some times I had to file the edges because it didn't fit perfectly and that is okay to do. I put glue on my natural nail first and then all over the artificial nail. I push the nail down as close to cuticle first then towards the tip of my nail. Then I roll my finger over the whole nail for secure staying power. For extra security I put a drop of glue on the under side of my nail if there is a gap in between my natural and artificial. I say the more the glue the better your off. If glue spills out on to the side onto your skin thats ok when it becomes dry it will fall off after a few washes or when you rub at it.
yay! my first contest

1. Must be a Follower

2. Do a makeup look that compliments your nail design.
(So i want pictures of your face and nails. )
ex. You have green nails do a green smokey eye

3. One picture has to have your nails next to your face

4. Repost this Contest section on your page including your Contest Entry and make sure to link back to me

5. To notify me that you have entered into my contest reply to this Post and make sure you have a link to your website.

You get the
Fashion Diva stickers
Fashion Diva Peace sign nails
Fashion Diva Color Changing nails

Contest ENDS JULY 31


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