Thursday, February 18, 2010

How to: Conceal undereye circles and not look cakey

Step one::If you have dark circles we will correct that first. I like to use a yellow based corrector like Ben Nye's Mellow yellow in normal. What is usually recommended is a pink based corrector like Benefits Erase Paste. I like Ben Nyes corrector because its a lot more pigmented and I have quite noticeable dark circles.

Step Two:: This shows the placement of where to put your corrector. It should go right under the fatty pocket under your eye. If you smile you can tell where this fatty pocket is located. With the corrector on your brush use the tip of the brush to place it under the fatty pocket. Don't use the flat side of your concealer brush. Then with your finger tap the corrector around the pocket to blend Do Not wipe. If you feel that he consistency of your corrector is to thick for you use a smidge bit your moisturizer to thin it out. If you dont have dark circles and is content with just normal concealer skip to next step.
Step Three:: Use a concealer that is he same color has your skin. I use a cream concealer but if you are concerned with cakeyness again mix it with just a little bit of moisturizer. A liquid concealer would be great too.

Step Four:: This shows the placement of your concealer. This time you can go up to the lash line. If your concealer is a little light for you and you go up to the lash line that fatty pocket could seem to look bigger so make sure it matches ur skin. Its kind of like the theory of high lights and shadows. If you highlight something that is already standing out it will be even more noticeable. That is why the corrector goes under the fatty pocket not over it. You don't want to look like you have really round fatty eyes do you? lol

Step Five:: Conceal blemishes and Foundation


  1. happy belated to u too! hope you had a fun birthday! i miss your videos!!

  2. thank you for putting this! my concealer always looks cakey :( but i will try your method!

  3. Hey girl, check out my most recent post... I nominated you for an award :)