Monday, October 12, 2009

Wedding look and Theatre makeup

Hey gals! So a quick update on school I've finished my beauty and salon class and have moved onto theatre class Debra was my model for my final. Please click on the picture for a larger view. I went with a wedding look and I was very very pleased with the outcome. She looks flawless!

So if you were wondering how different Theatre class is, here are some pictures of what kind of work we do.

I like to call her Trixie. She is 50 years old and still thinks she can work the streets. Her smoking habit has left her with some really bad wrinkle lines.

Scary I know.

This is Trixie and her pimpstress.
( me and MUA Kristen)

This is me as a chunky baker woman.
(me and MUA Eva)


  1. Wow, great pics. I really do like the bridal look.
    The looks for drama class are amazing ;)

  2. haha I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. you make a hot chunky baker woman! hahah

  4. O wow~ The looks sure are theatrical looking. Great photos!

  5. hahaha thats cute... you're amazzzing