Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Recent Theatre Looks and Glitter

Our assignment was to be a witch and my inspiration was that blue character (don't remember the name) from Hercules the cartoon. I also just had to add my glitter bow. (Lady Gaga Status.)

Ok so this one has to be my favorite. Our task was to do a full beard and the first person I
thought was was Kimbo Slice. Do I look like him? lol

Keeping Glitter Under Control

Have you ever tried using glitter on your lids but it would get all over your face and clothes? Well heres a trick.
In a small cap or cup put some DUO lash adhesive in it and some glitter. Mix it until its a paste and apply it on your lid with a q-tip or brush. No mess what so ever. It can be a little expensive because Duo can cost any where to 5 to 8 dollars. If its on your body (no eye area) spray area with hairspray and then apply glitter. Hope that helps for the Holiday!


  1. is that bow from forever 21?

    if so, i have those too! lol.

    awesome makeup, you're so talented =]

  2. You totally look like Kimbo. Now kick some ass!!

  3. What a great idea, mixing glitter with eyelash adhesive! Thanks for the tip :)