Friday, August 7, 2009

Japonesque Set Bag and Melting lipsticks

I realized I needed a set bag to get myself more organized for school. The Japonesque Set Bag is amazing and it has so many pockets to organize all my bottles. I got this bag at Naimies Beauty Center and its a huge place. I thought Nigels was amazing Naimies is even better I have to admit. They carry all sorts of brands like NARS, MAC, Kryolan and much more.

Japonesque Pro Set Bag
Rating: 5 Stars
Inside the bag it has 2 large pockets on each side of bag.

On the outside of the bag it has 8 pockets. The ones on the side have velcro.
It has two handles and an attachable strap.

This was my first time melting lipsticks and as I thought the best way to melt them is to melt it over a candle on a metal spoon. Well...that wasn't a great idea and it was a huge awful mess.
--So here is my method of melting my lipsticks--
1. Chop off a piece of your lipstick and place it one of the slits of the palette
2. Get a Q-tip cut off one of the ends
3. Use the stick to puncture the lipstick and rub it back and forth. The resistance will cause the lipstick to melt in the slit and it will start to breakdown.
4. Try to spread the lipstick out evenly and voila!!
5. Take the ends of the cotton swab and clean up around the slit =)


  1. tat makeup case is totally worth to buy..

    just a dump qtion? why do u melt the lipstick anyway?hehe..

  2. I guess its just easier to have all your lipsticks in one place especially when your doing a client you can mix the colors =)

  3. Try using a blow dryer to melt them just be careful not to set the heat to high. You don't want to boil the lipstick!

  4. wow that is one amazing bag~ i dont think i'll ever be able to melt lipsticks cuz im such a klutz..i've been tryin to figure out how to melt my NYX jumbo pencils

  5. I love that bag!

    Hey I started a beauty blog where I do reviews on great products. You should join, I'd love to hear some feedback!

  6. wow. great stuff!

    i tag you!
    6 things that makes you happy:)