Monday, June 8, 2009

Past.. Present.. Future

Oh guys it has been a long time. I'm still on vacation right now and I have a little time to update you guys on whats going on. I haven't been taking a lot of pictures lately because I'll forget and put my camera at the house or something. =( Something interesting is that I actually went to a psychic for the first time yesterday. I went in expecting really nothing. I was waiting for her to bullshit away but she was pretty accurate on everything she said it freaked me out. So I sit down and she tells me to shuffle the tarot cards and while I do that she's reading my 'energy'. I'm still shuffling and then she said two guys are in love with me, one that lives near me and one that lives a far. My eyes were getting so watery omg lol. I knew exactly what she was talking about which was scary. But she then said the guy from a far is my soulmate and the guy near me will be very heartbroken because I didn't choose him. Which I am ok with because I am never liked him anyways just as a friend. Pretty much all the tarot cards were about my bf and how he's so in love with me and I'm like come on get to the juicy stuff haha. Then she said I have a lot of plans before I can truly be with him and then she asked me why am I making him wait so long. And of course that's true since I'll be moving to Cali and be doing my makeup thing before I can move to Houston to be with him. hmm and Oh geeze she said she is truly afraid for me because if I'm not careful I will have a baby soon. She begged me to wear protection lol and when he went in she begged him to be careful too lol and she didn't know we were together because I told him not to touch me or act like hes my bf. I will end up with about 4 children which I have no idea how my body can take that =/ ahha ok until next time.. Bye guys

--- Amanda


  1. oh wow scary! So she's pretty accurate huh!?

    I went to a psychic 5 years ago, apparaently I was suppose to find my true love and get married 3 years ago. I guess I'm going to die single and lonely now LOL

  2. woww!! thats so freaky. i wanna see a psychic too one day but then again i dont wanna know my future.. lol

  3. oh my, I've never been to a psychic, btu I sure want to. Seems interestings.
    & goodness, be careful, you don't want to get pregnant yet!

  4. I think pyschics are interesting, I want to go to one just to see what they'll say. But then I'm scared cause what if they say something you don't want to hear lol. =/

  5. Wow, thats pretty creepy how she knew everything.