Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Thoughts on Foundation

I've tried many different brands and kinds of Foundations so I just wanted to share my thoughts on them.

MAC's Compact Studio Tech Foundation.
This is a water based/powder foundation. It has a creamy consistency that glides on to the skin very well. MAC's foundations do have a strong yellow base to it. I believe I am an NC 42.  After wearing it for a couple of hours it gets I dont wan't to say oily because it's not oil based but I get a dewy glow and it makes me look realll oilly. When I'm on the go or in a rush I take this out and do a quick swipe around the face. The price is $30. It's a nice foundation to keep on you at all times but then again I do my make up so I don't have to touch up at the end of the day...yeah I'm that good haha jk.. I always have to touch up my eyes.

MAC's Studio Sculpt

This foundation gives me a very flawless look. I love it! Even tho it gets me sooo oily. I will still wear it occassionally. It's very yellow just like any other NC MAC foundations. Its gel based, supposedly water proof. I squeez it out on to my metal palette and use my stipple brush and swirl it alll over my face haha

Makeup Forever HD Foundation

This makeup can be heavy or light weight depending on how you apply it. I like to use my stipple brush on all my liquid foundations. This foundaiton is not good for people with promblematic skin it will just accentuate the problems. I like that their range of colors is very large. A little expensive. Always follow up with HD powder, makes you flawless baby. =)

You Rebel by Benefit

This is a light weight moisturizing foundation. It comes in light and medium. I actually used this from my friend and it covered my face decently and the color match was on key. I would use this on a simple day, grocery store, friends place, running errands ya know.  You don't want to clog your pores everyday do you? =)

Coastal Scents Under Cover HD Foundation

LOVE LOVE this stuff its cheap and you can layer on how thick or how light you want it. I seriously use this on everyone and my self. Its Amazing stuff. I'm a number 7 with a tad bit of 14. It's seriously all I use now. People that have dry skin make sure to moisturize realllyyyy well before using this tho because it can seep in to cracks and stay there.


  1. Wow gotta try Coastal Scents. Thanks!

  2. Great breakdown of foundations hun! I've always wanted to try the You Rebel by Benefit...I think I must put my Sephora gift card to use now :)

  3. hey how do you know what shade is good for you from CS's foundation?

  4. well I've tried many foundations so I kind of have a good eye for my shade when I buy it offline. It also helps by lookin at reviews and seeing what people compare their shade to like MAC or MUFE. Shade 7 i say its like an NC40/42 and read if its yellow based or red based. Shade 3B is Light skinned for yellow undertones. You can also buy a light one and a dark one and mix it your own Thats what I did at first but now 7 matches me perfectly