Monday, August 9, 2010

Q: How Do You Keep A Nice Tan?

A: I fake and bake! Yes its true I go to the tanning bed =( I usually go to the tanning bed a lot before a special event. Usually like two weeks before the event I would go at least 4 times. Just tanning in general I go to the beach a lot. I would sometimes go the tanning booth for the hell of it like once a month. I know there are people who are totally against tanning beds but this post will be for all the fake bakers out there!! TanningLotionSource.Com is retail tanning lotion website which sells just about every tanning lotion out there at a reasonable price. They have given me some samples to try out and I have decided to do some reviews of the different lotions I try out. I currently use Designer Skin Monarchy which is a 7x bronzer blend. It smells good and works quite well. There are times that I come out of the high powered 10 min beds using this lotion and I look "dirty" but its just the bronzer working its magic. Give it about an hour and your skin will go back to normal. That can happen to just about any lotion though. I think the most important thing I look for in a lotion is the smell and that it must have a bronzer. Tinglers tend to be too much for me. Sometimes it burns to the point where it itches!!!. Eekkk such a nasty feeling.

Each week I will review one lotion. I know its not the most accurate review because I'm using each lotion atleast once. A true review is if i used it for atleast a month and took a hiatus for a month so that my skin can go back to its original color and then switch to a nother lotion but I'm going to try my best to explain my experience with each lotion  =)

 Here we go...
Lotion: Take Olive Me by Swedish Beauty
Floral and perfumey/ smells goood =)
Type of lotion: Bronzer
Bed Type: 20 min orignal bed
This product makes me feel like I'm doing something good for my skin. "Take Olive Me" contains extract from the fruit and the leaves! I can tell that it really moisturizes my skin. One thing you notice about tanning a lot is that your skin can get easily dried out. Olive oil is a natural moisturizer and its already infused in the lotion which is a huge plus. I got a nice base tan. If your going to the tanning bed every week just to maintain a nice tan I suggest this lotion.


  1. i cant believe you tan! your skin looks really nice! i always picture tanners to have horrible orangey skin but you look absolutely gorgeous ;)

  2. i think the orange people spray tan like the mystic tanners.. eeek orange is not a good look =/